Etsy Tips- Smart Ways to Post Your Listing

October 17, 2010 at 1:29 am (Etsy, Tutorials)

This is my very first Etsy Tips blog post. I have to say, to start off, I have not been selling on Etsy very long, but I’m learning a lot and want to help everyone else learn these things, so we’re not all a bunch of Etsy seller chickens with no heads. I’ve been an Etsy shopper for 2 years though.

The biggest problem I had- and didn’t know I had was this: Everyone has their own unique set time when views are the highest called your “peak time”. Now, your peak time is VERY important. So before we go any further… We HAVE to set up our Etsy shop- Get an icon, banner, avatar picture, take really good pictures of your product, set a price, figure shipping (DO NOT just guess- do your research!), make sure you’ve filled in your shop policies, and post your listings with lots of details- as if there were no pictures, and make sure to include measurements. You don’t want a buyer to pass you up because you have no shop policies, and no information about who you are or what you’re selling. Now, you don’t have to tell them your favorite color or food, or tell them your life story, but give them basic info such as how you started doing your craft or got into selling supplies or vintage things- if you are a supplier or vintage person.

After you’re all done setting up your shop, make a Google Analytics account. This is VERY important! So if you haven’t done it, go do it now. I’ll even give you the link:

Alright, you’ve got your GA set up, put your info into Etsy by going to Your Etsy, Shop Settings, Options, Web Analytics and follow those instructions. Now if you just did all of this, you’ll need to wait 24 hours before moving on.

After your 24 hours (if you’re new at this), or already have this done… Go to your GA account, and click on your Etsy report. Here you will find a nearly overwhelming amount of information. You’ll have to check this fairly often as your peak time WILL change, and you’ll have to change your posting times according to your peak times. To find your peak time, go to Visitors under your dashboard, click Visitor Trending, Visits. Now click at the top of the line graph on an icon that looks like a clock.  Your graphs will change. It doesn’t matter which graph you look at, they’re the same. The highest peak on your graph is your peak time. If your peak time is the same as a second time (IE- 54 visitors at 6pm  and 54 visitors at 11pm) you should post at the time that has more visitors during the hour after the peak time. (IE- 54 at 6pm, 32 at 7pm, 54 at 11pm, 11 at 12am) choose to post at 6pm.

My advice would be to post one item at your peak time per day- if you can’t post only one thing or need to get your new items up NOW, pick your top 3 times and post 3 listings at your 3 peak times, or post everything all at once at your peak time. I look at my new listings as a mini-commercial for my shop, if I run all my commercials at 2pm and my potential buyers won’t be able to see it until 8pm, I’ve missed them. You don’t see popular cell phone companies showing all of their commercials at 10am (when most people are at work, or school), they’re on periodically all day long. You want to get your shop out there and for people to see you when they’re looking.

My advice: Post at your peak time. If it’s impossible for you to post at your peak time, try to aim for a time in your top 3 peak times.

Now that I’ve written a giant brick wall of advice and help, you can get to posting at your peak times. Your page views probably won’t double over night, but I’ve done all of this myself and seen first hand that it does work, it just takes a few days. So, don’t give up, and happy Etsying!


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