It’s after midnight- What the heck am I doing?!

November 3, 2010 at 5:29 am (Uncategorized)

I’ve been feeling guilty about not writing more or posting more like I had planned. I’ve been busy being Mom to a VERY cranky, teething 9 month old, and working on some new inventory for the Etsy store- I know, I know, It’s pretty boring huh? Well, On top of that, I’ve been listening to Rammstein like my life depends on it. That probably sounds really goofy if you’ve been following my blog. I love BTR, and Rammstein? Yeah. It’s true.

I’m trying to draw in new inspiration for new hats, and baskets and stuff for Christmas presents. How great would it be to spend hardly any money on gifts and give my family members great, handmade gifts?! It’d work for everyone but my dad!

Anyway. I did want to touch base on goals. I don’t have any goals to list for you. I just think it’s REALLY important to have them so you stay motivated. It’s much easier to handle things if you have a to-do list/goals for the day/week/month and check them off one by one. When I first started my etsy store I was SO overwhelmed with all the things I had to do even before I was able to post items in my store! I started making lists of things I had to get done with no time frame. I had to get my icons/banner/etc, policies, prices, pictures, etc, done before I could do anything. So, I would basically tell myself I would get one thing done per day at a minimum. That was easy enough. But, now that I have my shop open, and things listed and I’m making a few sales…

What’s next? I go through my shop about every 2 weeks so I can kinda sit on things, and look at all my descriptions, pictures, prices, etc, and make sure that I’m happy with them, if not, I change it. I usually only do one of them at a time. Last week I went through and changed some prices, put some stuff on sale, etc. The week before I took some new pictures, and tried to get better ones. I try to keep improving my shop and it’s items.

My new goal is to get 100 items in my shop and make a calendar schedule to follow for renewing. Now, it’s a rough draft and will be constantly changed as I’ve sold some things on the list already. But, I only post one thing per day (usually) because I follow my peak times. I like to spread out my “commercials”. So, I made a list. I feel more productive with lists and graphs. So all my thoughts are neatly put onto a spreadsheet. Then I can show other people what I have. My mom was even interested in my visitors/views per day ratio and some of the graphs on Google Analytics. So, that’s a start!

You don’t have to follow ANY of my goals or suggestions, but you really should have goals to keep yourself motivated. It’s very important to have goals so you stay productive and keep plugging away at your craft!


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