Friday Feature: JustBecauseCrafts

November 19, 2010 at 5:35 am (Feature Friday, Uncategorized)

It’s Friday again! Next Friday is BLACK FRIDAY! I’m a little disappointed I won’t be pushing and shoving my way through a sea of crazies, to get amazing bargains I wish I could have…. but, I’m short, a bit wimpy and have no muscles to speak of. So, I’ll just write my blog!

JustBecauseCrafts is totally epic. I know, I know, I crochet but I’m completely in love with KNIT hats!

What I really admire about JustBecauseCrafts, along with the name, is, she has a great shop with a lot of different styles and types of crafts. Ranging from Knit hats, wrist cuff bracelets and anklets, scarves, afgans, photography, supplies, plastic canvas items and much, much more!

JustBecauseCrafts has a great selection of crafts and each piece is beautiful!

You can find JustBecauseCrafts’ Etsy store here:



  1. April said,

    Tjhank you so much for this feature. What a great description of my shop and items!!!! What an honor! Good luck to you and all you do!

  2. Debbie Fontanetta said,

    This is cool. Love the feature and she does have a great shop. Everyone should check it out.

  3. Debbie Fontanetta said,

    My shop is NannysTreasures, jus tposting this so she knows who posted the prior comment,

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