Friday Feature: LoveLeeSoaps

November 27, 2010 at 5:39 am (Feature Friday)

LoveLeeSoaps… The name really says it all. I have to admit, I did buy a few things from LoveLeeSoaps. A year or so ago, I bought a cute little watermelon soap for my mother in law- who LOVED it! Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture.

Gummy Bear Soap

I am in love with these soaps! There is a whole buffet worth of food-shaped soaps! They’re all cute and adorable in their own way! I can say from experience that the scent is very true to the name and it’s not faint or overpowering. You know what I mean! It’s not so faint that you’re trying to stick your whole face into the soap to smell it, or so overpowering you’re trying to seal it in a air locked container to get the smell away!  These are perfect!

Sweet Mini Donut 4-pack

The soaps are just adorable! I am 100% sure I’ll be buying more from LoveLeeSoaps- it’s just a matter of time!

Teddy Bear Prailines and Cream Whipped Body Butter

LoveLeeSoaps also has body butters, conditioners, and sugar scrubs!

I love LoveLeeSoaps! The store has saved me from headaches and migraines from trying to find presents for birthdays and holidays. I recommend any of these for the soap lover in your life!

Check out LoveLeeSoaps at:


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