Feature Friday: Inspired Designs

January 7, 2011 at 3:09 am (Feature Friday)

I picked Inspired Designs because the message is amazing (not to mention Mandy is a fantastic person!). What drew me in was the very powerful poem that goes along with each heartstring.

Once this truth becomes one with your heart,
This silken cord will break apart.
You will no longer need this outward token.
The heartstrings within will not be broken.

I love the little charms! The butterfly is probably my favorite, but it’s a toss up between that and the little heart! I highly recommend these little heartstrings to anyone and everyone! Check out the links below! (But only after you read the rest!)

Inspired Designs is a venture that was created by Janice Smith. A few months into it, she realized she needed a little help so she asked her friend of 16 years, Mandy Howerton, to help her out. What was a “little help” turned into a partnership between the two. Mandy works everything that has to do with the internet including, but not limited to, Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Janice and Mandy

Janice got started on Etsy when Mandy suggested that instead of just selling Heartstrings to people they knew and trying to get them into Christian bookstores, they should also try Etsy. Mandy has been an avid shopper for years and Janice purchased her wedding rings there.

The Heart Heartstring

The idea for Heartstrings was something Janice had thought of but didn’t have the name for it yet, she just had a strong feeling that this is what she needed to do. It wasn’t until a dream she had that gave her the name for the Heartstrings and provided her with the drive to move forward with the product.

The Butterfly Heartstring

She has helped so many people through this endeavor. The latest was when she went to the Domestic Violence Intervention Services shelter here in Tulsa and gave each woman a New Beginnings Heartstring. There were so amazed that someone brought them something special and the cards the necklaces come on are meant to give inspiration. For them, it did.

The Dove Heartstring

Janice designed the charms and hand selected the scriptures that go with each one. Mandy worked with the graphics for the cards and the Etsy shop. That’s as much creating as we have done in awhile. We used to scrapbook together.

The Butterfly Heartstring

For Janice, her wedding rings by Artisan Look are her most cherished possession. Mandy has several including some hand knit gloves and her laptop bag by Janine King Designs. All of those items were purchased through Etsy.

As far as Inspired Designs goes, we would both like to see the necklaces in shops across the world. This isn’t about making money for us, it’s about helping people through the product itself and through the donations collected from each one sold.



Inspired Designs on Etsy
Inspired Designs on Facebook
Inspired Designs on Twitter
Inspired Designs Blog


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  1. Mandy said,

    Thank you so much! Such a lovely feature. We appreciate it!

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