Family Vs. Work

February 4, 2011 at 12:15 am (Crochet)

This isn’t another… how to deal with stress, or how to keep family separate from work/running your Etsy.

This is about me. I am taking a hiatus. Not 12 hours ago, the most important person in my life aside from my husband and daughter… My father, died. I’m not sure how this will effect me running my Etsy, or writing my blog.

This has nothing to do with Etsy directly. It’s personal. We’re all people, not robots with no feelings or families. We’re REAL people, who have real feelings and families, and life happens. Things happen in life and none of us have control over it. What matters is what we do when things happen. Sure, I could put my shop on vacation and cry, but… I’m not going to. I may not be writing because… I don’t feel like writing. I want to be with my family, and remember my father. I love writing, but writing a blog isn’t a high priority at this point. I will do more with this but… it’s not going to be today.

I guess now that I’m experiencing this. I’m realizing, it’s ok that life happens. It’s ok not to want to write, or create. But, because life happens, we can’t just roll over and die either. I’m taking a week, two weeks, something, and I’m going to jump right back into this. I’m going to because creating and being on Etsy, and selling my creations made my Dad proud of me. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing, but after I take the time I need to get back in the right mindset. Taking a vacation because life is tough sometimes… it’s ok. My life is tough now, I’m taking a break.

I’ll see you guys in a week or two. 🙂


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