What’s Up Wednesday!

April 5, 2011 at 11:17 pm (Crochet)

Laaaame title, I know! But, I’m sick… It’s no thinky Thursday, but I wanted to at least give an update on my NEW shop items. Some are upcoming, so you’ll have to forgive me for not getting things posted. I’ve been OBSESSING over the V-stitch. So, here’s this awesome geometric hat I made! (remember, photos are clickable!)

Geometric Slouchy Hat by AddSomeStitches

I also promised to show you guys the iPad 2 cases. I’ve got one ready to show you!

I did get a request to make some of the fish-net, mesh summer hats. I was sooo excited to get the special request and here are 2 of the 3 photos. (I was lazy and only got 2 photographed.)

I’ve been really happy this past week, crocheting away! I’m still playing around with my own take on the V-stitch… maybe a new line is in the making?! YES! 😀



  1. Janet said,

    Nice new items. I like the fish netty hats!!

  2. Aulani Photography said,

    I love the thick V! Such a cute design

  3. Denise Therese said,

    So cool! I love that stitch. 😀

  4. Sewinggranny Mona said,

    Your items are gorgeous!

  5. Krystal Y. said,

    aww so pretty!!! great work!!! and hope you feel better soon!

  6. Turtlexiii said,

    your new items look great. Hope you feel better quickly.

  7. Audrey said,

    LOVE the bottom hat! Very cool 🙂 I’m experimenting with crocheting too – it’s a lot of fun and something to do in the evening while sitting on the couch with hubby, watching “nothing” on tv 🙂

  8. Judy Stalus said,

    Pretty hats, and they look cool enough to wear in the spring.

  9. Crimson Hill Soaps said,

    Those hats have a truly unique looks to them….love the Ipad case too. I need one of those!

  10. magdamagda said,

    really really great new items, love especially the hats and how inventive you are when it comes to stitches!

  11. Angela said,

    I love the hats! They kind of remind me of vintage hats that women used to wear back in the day. Very cool!

  12. Lissie said,

    Great items!
    I whish you quick recovery 🙂

  13. Angela said,

    The hates are really cool!

  14. Angela said,

    oops i meant hats**

  15. Lbtoyos said,

    Great new items, hope you have lot of sales.

  16. Donna said,

    How nice to be able to modify a stitch and come up with a variation on a product!

  17. Marianne said,

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. The Fishnet summer hats are really cute.

  18. Leah Hood said,

    Feel better and great new work!

  19. Rachel said,

    Love the new hats!!

  20. Linda B said,

    The summer hats are great and I’m sure the cases will sell for you.

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