StumbleUpon: Reviewing and Sharing.

July 18, 2011 at 2:25 am (Tutorials)

I hope a lot of you are following my blog about stumbleupon. I think it’s a great bookmarking site, and I’m learning a TON about it. I recently discovered sharing. I don’t know how I missed that because it’s a fun feature! I love to see what my friends are discovering and enjoying. This neat little feature just makes it easier.

First, you have to gather your friends and if you didn’t check the box to allow shares, you’ll have to go back and do it. Here’s a photo to show you where on your friends’ profile pages the checkbox is.

Now that you and your friends have allowed each other to share… Here comes the fun part! When you’re browsing through and see a cool site you want to share, simply hit the share button on your stumble bar- it’s between the twitter button and interests.

When you click it, it should look something like this:

You can click on your friends to share with them via StumbleUpon, email, Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn. You also have the option of adding a little comment to the share.

Now, as far as reviewing goes, it’s a good thing to review all your likes. You want the pages you like to be shared with others- including non-friend stumblers. The more reviews a page has, the higher on the list your liked page gets.

So, have fun! 😀



  1. Carolina Kudzu said,

    Thanks for the great tips!

  2. StumbleUpon « Lizbeth's Garden said,

    […] Stumble! 2nd: StumbleUpon Reviewing and Sharing 3rd: StumbleUpon […]

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