Kick-Start to Vintage Week!

November 21, 2011 at 10:15 am (Etsy, Etsy D-Listers, Feature Friday, Interviews)

I’m excited to kick off Vintage week! First, it’s Sunday, so we’re going to do a Sunday Special! My good friend and vintage lover BlackMagicStudio is doing an interview with me!

What was the first vintage item you ever owned? Where’d you get it?
The first vintage item I ever owned was a necklace that I bought in a small town my family was visiting in Wisconsin when I was 13 years old. It was a choker with yellow flowers that had orange rhinestone centers from the 1950s. I bought it for $3.50!

What sparked your interest in antiques/vintage items?
I really don’t know what initially sparked my interest. I’ve loved vintage/antiques for as long as I can remember, even though no one else in my family is even remotely interested in it. I do know that I love thinking about the history that is connected to each piece. And there are so many beautiful things from the past that aren’t made today.

Art Deco Deeply Carved Coffee Brown Bangle

How did you end up selling antique/vintage items?
I looked at other people who were selling vintage/antiques and thought “Why am I not doing this?? I love this stuff!”

What’s your favorite part about finding antique/vintage items?
I love feeling like I’m on a treasure hunt. I get so excited when I find a rare or special piece, especially if I get a really good bargain!

Vintage Copper Art Glass Necklace

What is your favorite antique/vintage item that you own?
I have a 1930s Pennino necklace that is absolutely gorgeous and in perfect condition. The history of the craftsmanship of the Pennino brothers is really remarkable, and their pieces are very valuable. I got incredibly lucky and it will probably be the only piece I ever own.

Vintage Black Beaded Evening Purse



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