Vintage Week: Top 5 Countdown

November 22, 2011 at 10:39 am (Etsy)

My favorite vintage items… coming right up!

Here are my top 5… Seriously. If I could only own 5 vintage items my whole life, these would be it.

5. These… I just love them. I don’t speak French or anything, but, I want these to sit on my kitchen counter!

4. This bracelet. I absolutely love THIS bracelet. It kicks all my other bracelets’ asses.

3. These ruffled Glass dessert bowls. They’re soo amazingly epic, that I don’t have a word for how cool they are!

2. Matel Jack-in-the-box. Seriously. One of my favorite toys as a kid. My grandparents had one that they kept around for me. I used to think this little guy was sooo cute!

Vintage Matel Jack-in-the-box

1. My FAVORITE item of all time. THIS. The Visionware casserole dish. My grandmother had one, cooked in it, made amazing food in it. When she died, Dad got to keep it. Now it’s in the possession of my mother and I would beg and plead with her for it- if I thought that’d get her to give it to me! (but it won’t!!!)

Visionware oval casserole dish


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