Sock Saver, To The Rescue!

August 1, 2012 at 10:26 am (Crochet)

Anyone who knows me personally, can tell you, I wear awesome socks. Novelty socks, seasonal socks, holiday, neon… even watermelon. Yep. I have an awesome sock drawer. I know other people have this problem… even people who have “normal” socks. You wear them, you toss them in the hamper, you wash them, then you put your clothes away and you’re missing socks. This may not be a huge problem for some people. For me, it’s devastating. I love my socks, and when one of them goes missing, it’s really disappointing- Especially because you can’t just pair it with another lonely sock.

Not so long ago I bought a set of socks that look like this:

In my set of socks, I had lime green, pink, red, dark blue, purple and black. After I did laundry one of my blue socks were missing! I was so upset I had worn them ONE TIME and it went missing. So I came up with an idea that saves my socks!

Sock savers! I made mine with buttons, and after a few runs, the flap stretched out, and would leak socks in my laundry load, so I’ve adjusted the design so that doesn’t happen! Check it out!


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