Feature Friday: AdornYou

April 8, 2013 at 1:01 am (Etsy, Feature Friday)

I had to find my MIL a gift for her birthday last year… no, year before. Apparently I am still on year 2012. I got a necklace for my MIL in 2011, just to clear that up! 🙂 Anyway, AdornYou has some pretty amazing stuff. I like to think the necklace I got MIL is her favorite piece of jewelry. It does seem to be the necklace she wears most. Here is a photo of it!

Bermuda Blue Cosmic Ring Necklace

Bermuda Blue Cosmic Ring Necklace


Nice, right? Right! That is seriously one of my favorite necklaces, I wish I had gotten myself one! The ring is sooo pretty, and the necklace is gunmetal- another of my favorites!

Well, the second time that Adorn you has saved my butt for a gift was this past Christmas. My sister is generally easy to get gifts for. Jewelry usually makes her happy. Well, I couldn’t find anything I liked. By that I mean, I wanted to get my sister something that was something I would want her to show off and say “Megan gave me this!”, and be happy she told people, not run and hide when she told someone I got it. :] I don’t have a photo of the necklace, because… I didn’t get a photo of it before I gifted it. Whoops! Well, I have a stock photo. That’ll work! Sister’s is the same, only the little gem is a pearl and a black gemstone. It looked really cool. When I gave it to my sister, she opened it up, and put it right on. Success!

I did manage to get myself a bracelet. It’s pretty epic in my opinion. I don’t have a photo of it though. It’s the black gemstone and pearls, and it’s amazing. Yes, I need to get a photo.

AdornYou has tons of other items too, Earrings, Bracelets, Hair pins, and more!

You can find Adorn you on ETSY and FACEBOOK.


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