Wednesday Wishlist: Birds

June 19, 2013 at 8:25 am (Etsy, Shopping, Wednesday Wishlist)

This week’s Wednesday Wishlist is… BIRDS. I have a thing for birds. It’s sad and depressing, when I explain it, because my fondness for birds comes from a sad place… actually, a sad song. The line in the song is “Woe is me, oh woe, And the birds sing no more, Without you I cannot be.” That’s just a little tid bit from the song, but it’s probably my favorite sad song, ever. It also sounds much prettier in German. Trust me.

However. I had come to own this amazing bird ring. It reminds me of the song because this bird doesn’t sing. It’s made by a really awesome lady, over at GriffinsNestJewelry (The photo will take you to the birdie ring listing.)

Here’s a really cool bird clock from TheBigClockStore

Chunky Bangle Bracelet by BuyMyCrap

chunky bangle bracelet

chunky bangle bracelet

Watercolor Bird Painting by ThimbleSparrow

watercolor bird painting

watercolor bird painting


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