The Grey (Film)

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It’s absolutely no secret that I love Liam Neeson. He’s a great actor and slips into these amazing roles perfectly. One movie that I really liked was The Grey. I kid you not, I’ve seen every Liam Neeson movie, except, maybe 4. I think the only Liam Neeson I wasn’t thrilled with, was The Other Man. I wasn’t overjoyed with the story in Darkman either, but it wasn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, back on track. The Grey. My husband had taken me to see it in the theatre shortly after it came out. I remember it very specifically because that day was my dad’s “anniversary”… Yeah, that’s a terrible term for it, but I’m not sure what to call it, that isn’t totally obnoxious, or depressing. I didn’t even know what the movie was about before I told my husband I wanted to see it. I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that if Liam Neeson is in it, it probably isn’t that bad, and has a high chance of being really epic.

This movie did NOT disappoint me. The gist of the movie is… Liam Neeson (John Ottway) is up in Alaska working for this oil company hunting wolves that are threatening the drilling team. On his last day on the job, he writes a letter to his wife- a suicide letter. He doesn’t go through with it. The next day he and a team are leaving, going home, and the plane flies through a blizzard and crashes. That’s all I’m going to say, but it is completely epic and Liam Neeson does an amazing job in this movie.

Seriously, look at this movie poster. It screams epic.


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  1. hanamathercoe said,

    I love this film!

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