Thrifty Thursday: Cranberry Pyrex Bowl

October 17, 2013 at 3:16 am (Shopping)

I’ll just come out and say it. I LOVE to go thrift shopping. I love stores like GoodWill- my local store DAV is my FAVORITE. The employees are great, and never look at me funny if I buy 50 frames in one shopping spree. Ok, it wasn’t 50… it 15, but still. Normally, I’d expect some goofy looks. My cashier simply asked what I was planning to do with them, Am I crafty? Am I going to paint them and do some amazing, epic collage? No. I make fiber art. Oh, really? [insert 10 minute long discussion of what my fiber art is and looks like]. Yes. They’re pretty awesome.

Anyway. Every Saturday is Customer Appreciation Day. I get 20% off EVERYTHING. It’s awesome. I can buy my kiddo clothes, more frames, kitchen stuff, furniture, etc.. 20% off. I have to fight crowds on Saturday, but, who cares? Isn’t that part of the thrifting experience? Fighting crowds and landing that amazing deal on that special item? Yes, it is.

So, every Saturday, my sister and I clean all the crap out of her car, and go to DAV. Some weeks I haul the kiddo in too, but I kinda like having the extra space for all the “junk” I bring home. 🙂 Last week, I got this amazing cranberry colored Pyrex bowl. It’s HUGE- 4L. I wish I had the whole set, but I’ve never been one to have matching anything- except socks.

So… take a look! It was marked $3.45 and with the discount I paid…. $2.76!



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