Product Review: GNC Total Lean Lean Shake BURN

August 11, 2014 at 3:58 am (Shopping)

This product review thing is new for me. I promise I’ll be completely, 100% honest though. Which, I think some bloggers epicfail at. This entire post is my, very, honest opinion. I received a tub of GNC’s Total Lean Lean Shake BURN from Crowdtap to sample. Side note- if you are NOT part of crowdtap, WHY NOT? Join. Seriously. You’ll thank me, and be really happy, you just have to stick it out an entire month and you’ll see what I mean.

Chocolate Fudge

Back to the Lean Shake! I got this free from Crowdtap. Something I have not told many people, for the past 5 months, I have been actively trying to get healthy and lose weight. It’s been hard; doable, but hard. I’ve plateaued twice, and I finally understand when personal trainers and health nuts tell you that stress is a huge factor in losing weight. Also, who has time to sleep a solid 8 hours? Needless to say this lifestyle changing journey has been both hard and rewarding, I have not given up and don’t plan to. So, losing weight and hitting plateaus- Not my favorite thing. I’ve been pretty consistent with my exercising- I try new exercises, but exercise everyday with the exception of the one day I hurt my ankle and wanted to give a rest- I did yoga that day instead of aerobics. I’ve been eating better, but being a picky eater who hates more things than she likes, this has been difficult, but still doable!

Cookies & Cream

When crowdtap opened up the sample for this GNC shake, I hopped on board thinking “WOW! I need to try this!”, hoping I would be picked! I was, and I have tried this shake. I told myself before I even got it in the mail I would stick it out at least a full week- even if it tasted horrible, and the only way I’d give up is if it caused problems (like digestive issues, migraines or something along those lines). So, it’s been two weeks. In my first week I lost 4.9lbs. This is now week 2, and I’ve lost 3.7lbs- but I also went out to eat twice and got stuck working longer than normal, which involves sitting. Before trying this shake, I was plateaued for a month. The instructions are simple. Mix your shake, after you drink your shake, you wait 30 minutes and then get sweaty! Go exercise! It’s supposed to help you burn 3x as many calories too! I really liked the burning 3x as many calories part!

I did say I wouldn’t lie and I won’t. First, I will say that I do, really love this product so far. It has helped me lose weight, get over a plateau, and I feel like after I drink the shake, I can exercise for longer periods of time. The only 2 downsides to this shake are 1. It costs $59.99. For me, that’s pretty expensive for something that is just mine- not something the rest of the family would use. Inner penny-pinching mom voice there. 2. If you follow the container instructions… I won’t lie, it’s pretty bad tasting. The container says to mix 2 scoops of the powder with 8oz of water. I was not looking forward to the week I had planned on testing it. So, to fix that problem, I did some research! I found you can mix it with: yogurt (greek was most recommended), in a smoothie, mix it into a real shake, mix with skim or 1% milk, almond milk, soy milk or coconut milk. I chose whole milk and almond milk and with both, the bad taste was gone. It’s more like ovaltine or carnation instant if you use milk or almond milk. So, I think my mistake was, not reading ahead of time what to mix this shake with from other people who tried it, and only reading the container- which says to mix with water. Don’t mix it with water. I mean, you can, but… don’t do it. Go get some almond milk. It’s the BEST.

I’ve given some of this shake to my brother and sister, to my sibling in laws, and my spouse, they all agreed the taste was pretty bad, but not so bad they’d never drink it again, and it DOES work. I know this review sounds odd. How could something that started off tasting so bad, be so amazing? Because it actually works. I feel a lot more energetic when I work out. I don’t seem to wear out as soon as I used to during workouts before trying this shake, and I’ve gotten over my plateau. It comes in 2 flavors- Chocolate Fudge (which is the one I was given) and Cookies and Cream. I think if I bought this, I’d go for the Cookies and Cream over Chocolate Fudge. I like actual chocolate, but, when something says “chocolate flavored” I usually opt for the other choice. So, I’d go with cookies and cream next time, I think.

My Total Lean BURN shake!

My Total Lean BURN shake!

Here’s my shake in my plain, minimalist, black mug, and the container of the Total Lean BURN. If you’re looking for a protein shake, I suggest this one, and now that you know how many different options you have with mixing it, you’ll skip over the mistake I made! It really doesn’t taste bad with other liquids. Almond milk was my favorite. I suggest doing that! So, if you’re in the market for a protein shake, try GNC’s Total Lean Lean Shake BURN.

If you’d like more product information, you can go to GNC’s website, and check out this product RIGHT HERE.

If you are NOT part of Crowdtap and would like to be, you can sign up and join in the fun HERE.

Disclaimer: While I’ve stated before, this was a sample I received for free. The opinions above are definitely my own, honest, opinions and were not swayed by free sample items. Also note, the stock photos above are not mine (the one of the black mug is mine, though), they belong to GNC and not me. I used them purely so you, the reader, could see what the container looks like for both flavors, and know what it looks like if you were interested in buying this product.



  1. Gabriela said,

    I just bought it today! I really hope it works. I’ve been trying to lose weight for the longest time and I’ve been on a diet and exsecising for 2 weeks and just lost 4 pounds. I’m hoping this actually works. I’m excited haha

  2. kate said,

    Nice honest review. I just purchase this today. The lady at gnc said to use it as a meal replacement replacement. also, I exercise at weird times so it doesn’t work for me to take it 30 minutes before working out. Can this product still work for me?

  3. Andre powell said,

    Hi i been taking this product after my work outs . Will it still work ?

  4. Michael said,

    hi my name is michael, i work in a cruise ship i bought this GNC LEAN SHAKE BURN and the flavor is chocolate fudge, we have a gym here in a ship,the problem is my work schedule is 1am till 1pm, sometimes im very tired, and no chance to go to the gym, i havent drink this cause, they say that, this is a meal replacement, in other words, if you dont want to eat your meal, you have to drink this, since i work 12 hrs, i dont skip my meal cause i work very hard, my question is, if i drink this lean shake burn, m i required to go to the gym? i mean which one is more effective, drink this lean shake burn, then after 30 min. i will go to the gym, or after working out for 2 to 3 hrs, thats the time i drink this lean shake burn, so which one is better BEFORE or AFTER thanks a lot

    • mlsweet88 said,

      No, if you drink it and decide not to go to the gym, it’s no problem. From what I read, drinking BEFORE it best, but it won’t hurt you to drink it after.

  5. Jenn said,

    thanks for the article , I recently received this product myself and I’ve been hesitant to use it.
    Curious tho, does this only work if you use it before work outs? Like is this a meal replacement ? I’m confused ,
    Take care . Jenn

    • mlsweet88 said,

      I do believe the information I read says that it does work if you take it AFTER workouts, but I always drank mine before. I don’t know if it was meant as a meal replacement. I am no longer taking the protein shake, so I’m not 100% sure.

  6. amany said,

    Would you drink this twice a day as a meal replacement like the other lean shakes or is this only a preworkout drink?

  7. ashley said,

    I been using this a lot. I’m on my 4th jug of it. I usually buy 2 jugs at a time. Super delicious and can make any kind of shake or drink with this. I’ve lost about 40 lbs just using this alone with moderate exercise. I love it and will continue to use it for a long time.

  8. Peter said,

    Here’s my take, I was using the Lean Shake 25, which definitely tastes better. I tried Lean Shake Burn because of the GNC employee said of the thermogenics. I didn’t really believe him, but ending up trying it out, because they said I could return if I didn’t like it. I’m using it as breakfast and lunch meal replacements. The first time I tried it in the AM, I had SOO MUCHH ENERGY!! I don’t drink coffee, usually diet sodas and this made me feel so awake and energetic. I’ve used 5 hour energy and this drink is much better than that. Also, since I’m drinking it for lunch, not getting the afternoon food coma. Definitely losing weight as well. Not the best tasting, but I got used to it, mix in high protein chocolate milk. It’s important for me to have energy, because I’ve been driving back and forth from SJ to SF, and I would “nod off” occasionally. Since I’ve been using this routine, not once has it happened. I’m only using one scoop, haven’t gone to 2 scoops yet, so product is lasting longer as well. Try one scoop first to see how body reacts.

  9. Lisa said,

    I see the label says something about taking early,something about bedtime….is the caffeine intake that much or the thermogenicskeep you hot?what’s the deal if anyone can help with this odd question plz do so🐒

  10. rosi.sullivan said,

    can i take it as breakfast and then go to gym later that day?

  11. holly said,

    I’m 17 and have had 5 surgeries on my foot here resent so I been homebound and haven’t been about to do any activity since November. I have gained 14 pounds since then. I bought this today hearing all the weight loss stories. it hard to be active with my foot still in a cast, but should this still help me lose weight and gain muscle if I take it as a meal and little exercise? ????

  12. Christy said,

    Would like shake recipes with fruite and coconut milk please help

  13. Sheryl Weaver said,

    I bought this stuff and this is my third day I have taking it. I drink it before the gym and I sweat my butt off . I’m also using cardio cuts and between the two I feel a better workout and I do the treadmill. Thanks to the lady at GNC in mulberry Florida for telling me bout it . oh ya it taste good to I was worried bout that .

  14. Barbara said,

    This is the worst tasting drink ever. Any ideas to make it taste better so I can drink it

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