Give Oh Giveaway!

December 21, 2012 at 11:17 pm (Crochet, Etsy, Etsy D-Listers, Giveaways)

Cj over at Give Oh Giveaway is hosting an AddSomeStitches giveaway and review! You could win a $20 credit to the AddSomeStitches store!

Go check out her post HERE. Hurry up and go enter, the giveaway ends on December, 23rd!


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The Cupcake Hat.

December 8, 2012 at 4:34 am (Crochet) (, , , )

I’ve been wanting to go into a different direction with the shop. Maybe that’s a poor choice of words. Well, I want to keep my “grown-up” styles of hats, but also do sillier hats. The first of my “silly” hats will be the cupcake hat. I’ve got a little bit of a preview. It’s not totally done since I can’t get the sprinkles the way I want them. However, I’ve been far too excited about it to wait until I figure the sprinkle thing out. So.. here it is!

Cupcake hat!

Cupcake hat!

So… what do you think?!

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Model Vs. Mannequin – Revisited

November 26, 2012 at 11:10 pm (Crochet)

When I first started my Etsy shop, I think I had always intended to use a mannequin, at least for a part of my hats. As time has gone by, I’ve wanted to have a real, live, living human for a model, instead of a plastic and silicone mannequin. It all started when my daughter started calling my mannequin head “Mommy’s Work Barbie”.

I recently did a photoshoot with Alex Haugen Photography & Designs. I am pretty much in love with all of the photos. I kept the model that I used from the last shoot I did a year ago, too! Nikki is great! Here are some of the photos!

And my most favorite of them all….

So… What do you think of the new photos?! If you like them, make sure to like Alex Haugen Photography & Designs on Facebook!

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October 23, 2012 at 8:41 am (Crochet)

I’ve been working on cabling the past few weeks. I wanted to do something interesting, unlike my other hats. Well, this is what I came up with!

Owl hat!

I’m pretty stoked about it! What do you think?!

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Sock Saver, To The Rescue!

August 1, 2012 at 10:26 am (Crochet)

Anyone who knows me personally, can tell you, I wear awesome socks. Novelty socks, seasonal socks, holiday, neon… even watermelon. Yep. I have an awesome sock drawer. I know other people have this problem… even people who have “normal” socks. You wear them, you toss them in the hamper, you wash them, then you put your clothes away and you’re missing socks. This may not be a huge problem for some people. For me, it’s devastating. I love my socks, and when one of them goes missing, it’s really disappointing- Especially because you can’t just pair it with another lonely sock.

Not so long ago I bought a set of socks that look like this:

In my set of socks, I had lime green, pink, red, dark blue, purple and black. After I did laundry one of my blue socks were missing! I was so upset I had worn them ONE TIME and it went missing. So I came up with an idea that saves my socks!

Sock savers! I made mine with buttons, and after a few runs, the flap stretched out, and would leak socks in my laundry load, so I’ve adjusted the design so that doesn’t happen! Check it out!

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The Striped Kendall Slouch

March 31, 2012 at 8:12 am (Crochet)

I’ve been really stoked to show off this new hat. It’s inspired by a hat I saw Kendall from Big Time Rush wearing in the music video for “Music Sounds Better With You”.

That’s the hat I’m talking about. Now here’s my version!
With my model

With my mannequin

What do you think!?

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The Kendall Slouch

March 28, 2012 at 6:10 pm (Crochet)

I’ve done this hat before, many, many times. I even posted about it before! I’ve played with the pattern and redone the Kendall slouch. As you’ve seen before, this is the grey hat.

Logan Henderson, Erin Sanders, and Kendall Schmidt

I’ve always meant to make myself one, but I never get around to it. I’ve changed up the yarn I use, so it’s got a much different texture now. I personally love it!

So, here it is!
The Kendall Slouch

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Baby, be a simple kind of man…

June 9, 2011 at 5:28 am (Crochet, Etsy D-Listers)

I’m unable to sleep. So, here I am typing up this blog. I wanted to introduce my new line of Men’s beanies a looooong time ago. I guess life hit me and I didn’t ever get around to it. If you’ve been following my blog then you know my father passed away in February, if you haven’t, then you know it now. I made a line of men’s hats last winter that I have been working on. I was trying to make THE PERFECT hat for my dad. This blog is gonna get kinda personal, so sit back and get comfy!

Some background info: My father was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma last year and going through chemo treatments, like 80% of the rest of chemo patients, he lost his hair. He wouldn’t admit it, but he was really embarrassed about being bald. He worked outside a lot and I was terrified of him getting sick so I made him a hat- actually, I made him MANY hats because he would complain about how he hated the color, too itchy, too long, too short, hated stripes, doesn’t like red, brown didn’t match his uniform. (He let me make about 6 or 7 hats for him before he came out and said he wanted a navy blue one.)

Well, tonight, I’ve been listening to Shinedown which is one of my favorite bands. When I was 16, Dad took me to a Shinedown concert at Summerfest in Milwaukee. BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. We went again the following 2 years. I was old enough by then to drive myself, but Dad would always weasel his way into the plans. He’d say, “That music suuucks!” but later, he would RAVE about how great it was. We would go to the family reunion a few weeks after the concerts and he’d spend 15 minutes telling everyone how great it was and how much fun he had. Shinedown did a cover of the song “Simple Man”, and upon listening to it this past Feb. I realized, my father was a simple guy, he always took his time and really loved life. So, I named his hats “The Simple Man Beanies”. After all, they’re simple. No complex designs, solid color and all. Dad’s favorite kind of hat! 🙂

I wish he would have been around to see the hat line I made just for him, though, I know he’d be proud. I have a few posted on Etsy, but since life caught up with me, I only have a few, so forgive me. I just felt like NOW was the right time to post them and the story behind it. Here they are! By the way, this is my little brother posing. hehe

The Simple Man Beanie in Black

The Simple Man Beanie in Dark Red

The Simple Man Beanie in Navy Blue

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What’s Up Wednesday!

April 5, 2011 at 11:17 pm (Crochet)

Laaaame title, I know! But, I’m sick… It’s no thinky Thursday, but I wanted to at least give an update on my NEW shop items. Some are upcoming, so you’ll have to forgive me for not getting things posted. I’ve been OBSESSING over the V-stitch. So, here’s this awesome geometric hat I made! (remember, photos are clickable!)

Geometric Slouchy Hat by AddSomeStitches

I also promised to show you guys the iPad 2 cases. I’ve got one ready to show you!

I did get a request to make some of the fish-net, mesh summer hats. I was sooo excited to get the special request and here are 2 of the 3 photos. (I was lazy and only got 2 photographed.)

I’ve been really happy this past week, crocheting away! I’m still playing around with my own take on the V-stitch… maybe a new line is in the making?! YES! 😀

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Thinky Thursday

March 24, 2011 at 11:00 am (Crochet)

Yeah, thinky isn’t a real word, but… I already typed it!

I’ve been working on new stuff still. I’m really excited to show you all the new Ipad cases I’ve been working up, but… haha, they’re not finished!  I did make a few things… so here are pictures!


Hot pink purse

Bath set- cotton ball and q-tip holder, face scrubbies and basket to hold them

Rug for my kiddo's room

There is more to come, I just felt bad not updating and sharing. 🙂

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