Diary of an Etsy Seller: Difficult Customers

September 7, 2013 at 10:30 am (Diary of an Etsy Seller) (, , , , )

I’ve been wanting to write about this for some time. The approach, however, has halted all attempts of this topic- until now. I feel that being honest is important, but being honest doesn’t mean being rude or condescending. So, here it goes.

As an Etsy seller, I realize that I’m basically a one-person store. I’m the manufacturer, the store owner, the clerk, the complaint department, the janitor, the person who deals with every aspect of my little business. I also realize, I’m working RETAIL. Crabby, rude, mean, and just plain button hole people are going to pop up somewhere along the way. I don’t often deal with “difficult” customers. I would say, out of everyone I’ve ever met on Etsy, Facebook, at craft shows, talked to, dealt with as a shop owner, I’ve only had two or three people who were not so wonderful to deal with.

My tips? Easy. Keep calm. You don’t have to reply the minute you get a message/email. Take some time and think over your response. Whether your problem is an angry customer for late items or missing packages, long turn around time, item isn’t quite what they wanted, wrong size/color/whatever, you can deal with it, calmly and rationally! Also, remember a rude customer who gives one bad feedback is not the end of the world, though, it feels like it, sometimes! Some ways to prevent a really bad experience is to…

-Have clear shop policies, you may need to update them and add new policies based on some of the above and how you handled previous issues.
-Take your time with your response, think it out, and be clear, but reply in a timely manner.
-Be polite, but firm.
– Stay professional.

-be a complete button hole to your customer, even if you want to yell, kick and scream.
-Name call your customer
-Harass your customer


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