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No, this is not about a feeling of inner turmoil. I realize my taste in music is sporadic, chaotic, and is definitely alternative. Most of my favorite bands are practically unheard of or when I tell others who they are, I get an all too familiar response of “They’re still making music?”. Yes. Yes, they are. One of my favorite bands and has been for the last.. ohhh. 10 years. Smile Empty Soul. One of my favorite albums was titled Anxiety. What makes this particular album so special… it took YEARS for it to finally be released. From what I heard, the band was selling burned copies of the cd at their shows. I went through a ton of waiting and just plain annoyance to get it.

I used to listen to this album nearly every morning on my drive to school- yes, back in high school. I believe it was my junior and part of senior year. I even had a friend steal the cd out of my car- to which I had to get another copy.

I’ve never been able to make it to one of their shows, but I’ve always wanted to. Most of the problem was the age restrictions. Back in high school, my dad and I used to go to concerts fairly often. Smile Empty Soul never happened, though.

Anyway, I suggest checking out Smile Empty Soul, maybe a few off the Anxiety Album, but all their albums are good!

Here’s a photo of the album cover.


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